Anyone can book a trip. I want to make sure you are creating an experience.

Not just any experience. One that excites you. One that combines something you love with something that expands your comfort zone. Something familiar with something unknown. A passion with a new destination.

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Samantha Musso, CTA, VTA, CCC
Owner / Travel Advisor

Sam specializes in developing individual travel itineraries for Europe and Alaska, as well as group travel. 

She is a Certified Travel Associate (CTA), Verified Travel Advisor (VTA), and Certified Cruise Counselor (CCC). She has also completed numerous industry training programs and is constantly adding to this list, always striving to expand her knowledge of destinations and industry partners.

Some of Sam's most recent trips have been to Amsterdam, Germany, France, Ireland, Alaska, Tahiti, Bora Bora, Hungary, and Austria (all in 2022!). Italy remains one of her favorites though, and she looks forward to returning there in 2023. 

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